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HECKLER & KOCH USA Tactical V1 DA/SA HK 745001TA5 HK45T Tactical 45ACP DA/SA NS 10rd 4. 30 shipping. The military variant has a detachable shoulder stock, which doubles as a holster. or Best Offer. It holds the distinction for being the first polymer frame, striker fired pistol in the world; predating the famous "plastic wondernine" Glock 17 by 12 years. The VP70 was the German company. Heckler & Koch pioneered the use of polymers more than fifteen years before competing firms.

VP stands for Volkspistole (literally "People&39;s Pistol"), and the designation 70 was for the first year of production: 1970. The Heckler & Koch VP70 (from Volkspistole, "people&39;s pistol") is a German -made semi-automatic/three-round burst capable pistol chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge. The VP70 is a blowback operated pistol. The double-stack, double-feed magazine is still arguably the best handgun magazine ever produced. User Info: WarGreymon77. Most people hate the trigger (long and very heavy), but I loved the gun. The net result is trigger quality unequaled in any production striker fired handgun.

Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay. The VP9 trigger surpasses those found on competitors. Click for more info. The buttplate hinges open so the VP70Z or M Pistol can be stored inside. Although the VP70 was the first polymer-framed handgun, the Remington Nylon 66 rifle introduced in 1959 was the first polymer-framed firearm in production.

HK Handguns for sale. However I heard there is even more unique VP70 version chambered by 9×23 or 9x21mm IMI and was adopted for Israeli troops or special police,I seen ones it was sold and. VP stands for Volkspistole (literally "People&39;s Pistol"), and the designation 70 was for the year of the first edition, which is 1970. It is much more comfortable than the skeleton stocks used on machine pistols such as the Beretta 93R and even than holster stocks such as those on the Mauser Schnellfeuer or the Stechkin. Great deals on Heckler & Koch Handgun Hunting Gun Ammunition Magazines with 10 Rounds. One unique feature of this weapon involved the combination stock/holster for the martial version of the VP70. HK is a German manufacturing company for handguns, rifles, submachine guns, grenade launchers.

Manufactured in 1977. Find Heckler & Koch Model VP70Z parts, accessories and more with Numrich Gun Parts Corp. It was also the world’s first production striker-fired pistol, at least as we define striker-fired today. VP70 with stock One unique feature of this weapon involved the combination stock/holster for the martial version of the VP70. Buy Heckler And Koch VP70Z Firing Pin Spring Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. Many in the general public only became hk vp70 stock aware polymer frame pistol in the late 80&39;s when various news agency started making outlandish, and sometimes flat out false, claims about Glock 17&39;s being invisible to airport x-ray machines. HK pioneered the first striker fired handguns, producing both the VP70 and P7 series, designs that impacted several models by HK competitors. It takes a maniac to catch a maniac.

At HK PARTS we pride ourselves as Heckler and Koch parts enthusiasts & experts. The H&K VP70 holds the distinction of being the first polymer frame pistol on the market, predating the Glock 17 by twelve years. New Old Stock HECKLER KOCH HK P9S. WarGreymon77 2 years ago 9. Heckler & Koch Innovators in design and manufacturer of quality weapons systems, Heckler and Koch has pioneered many new revolutions in pistol and rifle designs.

CHECK OUT HK VP PISTOLS IN STOCK. 53 in Poly Grip/Frame Blk Capable of firing standard. The gun unusual in many ways (striker fired true DAO, polymer frame, straight blowback action, light/shadow front sight, 19 round magazine) but that made me love it. A limited run of civilian variant pistols, the VP70Z, were also chambered in 9x21mm for the Italian market. The revolutionary HK VP70 debuted in, you guessed it, 1970, at the apogee of the Cold War. The VP70M (Militar) features finger grooves on the front of the grip and is cut to accept a detachable polymer shoulder stock.

A heavy slide sits on top of the lightweight polymer frame. I know this doesn’t seem logical now but keep in mind, this hk vp70 stock is in the middle of the Cold War. The stock features a fire selector allows for burst.

The truly unique feature of this pistol is it&39;s ability to fire three round bursts with the very rare attached shoulder stock. Find new and used Heckler & Koch Handguns and Pistols at Guns. This was hk vp70 stock a marked increase on the earlier HK4. The VP70 stock is actually quite cleverly designed. 45 ACP ball through +P ammunition, the HK45 combines. The VP70-Z proved to be both reliable and tough, but was not a huge commerical success due to the size of the pistol and the stout DAO trigger. Today, HK remains a technology leader in the use of innovative and high-strength polyamides.

Fast & Free shipping on many items! Designed as a forward-looking firearm, Heckler & Koch’s circa 1970 entry into the polymer handgun market had a lot going on. com/ForgottenWeapons Cool Forgotten Weapons merch! No box and one 18 round magazine included. 9 oz) empty Length 204 millimetres (8.

40 SW 9 Round MAGAZINE 14S. Yup, it was the HK VP70 with the stock in RE4. But a superior trigger has eluded most striker fired pistol designs.

com/collections/forgotten-weapons The VP-70 was designed by Heckler &. The stock incorporates a selector switch that, when mounted, allows selective. The model here is the VP70z, the semi automatic version of the true HK VP70 that was offered with a unique stock that allowed burst fire: It sure would be cool to have a model capable of burst fire, but the 1968 Gun Control Act prevented the importation of NFA items for civilians, so all the VP70s you see are pre-may dealer samples. This deep-groove rifling is evident when you look down the bore. It was the first polymer-framed pistol and predates the Glock 17 by 12 years.

HK polymer molding technology led to the introduction of another synthetic framed HK handgun, the futuristic-looking VP70. The VP70 is a 9×19mm, 18-round, double action only, semi-automatic /three-round burst capable polymer frame pistol manufactured by German arms firm Heckler & Koch GmbH. The weapon weighed 820 g (28. The VP70 has the distinction of being the world&39;s first polymer-framed handgun, beating out the much more well-known Glock pistol series by 12 years. Address: 138 E 12300 S Suite C 240, Draper, Utah 84020 Telephone Enquiry:.

American Rifleman&39;s Christopher Olsen wastes no time in switching the lever to "3" before firing this historic HK VP70M pistol. The weird negative space sight system does kind of work. The VP70 is a 9×19mm, 18-round, double action only, semi-automatic /three-round burst capable polymer frame pistol manufactured by German arms firm Heckler & Koch GmbH.

Cyclic rate of fire for the three-round burst is 2200 rounds per minute. Originally intended as a machine pistol, the VP70 came in two variants. It is able to use a detachable stock that acts as a holster when not in use, similar to the Mauser C96.

According to H&K, the VP70 was designed for a resistance movement. See more videos for Hk Vp70 Stock. And while much about the HK VP70 was right, some of it was quite terminally wrong. Known as the “Peoples Pistol” the HK VP70 series was created as a partisans gun during the height of the German/Russian conflict in the Cold War. Designed for simplicity of production, reliability and modest weight, the hk vp70 stock polymer-framed VP70Z (“ Zivil ”) was the semi-automatic civilian version of the select-fire VP70M. Heckler and Koch was the first to pioneer the use of polymer in production handguns with the development of historical handguns such as the VP70 and P9S pistols and carried this fine.

This item is perfectly legal to own by itself or with a VP70Z Pistol. Providing parts since 1950. The VP70 M or military version have same capacity 18 rounds maximum,true selector is build on stock and ones selects on full auto 3 burst wont be able redetach from pistol. The stock is also designed to allow versatility in carry position. For sale is the Ultra-Rare hk vp70 stock 3-round burst stock for the VP70M Pistol. Includes the impossible to find factory quick detach sling. 6 in) Height.

45 MAGAZINE 7 ROUND FACTORY SPORT TARGET 45. Cutaway of the Day: HK VP70 The futuristic looking Heckler & Koch VP70 (VP standing for Volkspistole/ People’s Pistol) was the first production polymer handgun. The VP70 is a double-action only, select-fire, polymer-framed pistol manufactured by German arms firm Heckler & Koch GmbH.

The VP70 was chambered in 9mm and fed from a double stacked 18-round magazine. The VP70 is striker fired and has a double action only trigger, which has a reputation for being uncomfortable. The VP70-Z was based off of the HK VP70M, a variant that converted to select-fire with the attachment of the factory shoulder stock assembly. 0 in) Barrel length 116 millimetres (4. Designed to be as simple as possible, it features the first ever commercial polymer frame and striker action design that since has taken the world by storm! The stock incorporates a selector switch that, when mounted, allows selective fire.

9 oz) unloaded, lighter vp70 than. Heckler & Koch hk vp70 stock VP70 VP70Z variant Type Machine pistol: Place of origin West Germany Service history Used by See Users: Production history Designed 1970 Manufacturer Heckler & Koch: Produced 1970–1989 Variants VP70Z Specifications Weight 820 grams hk vp70 stock (28. JascoD posted. The pistol was fired during f.

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