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Electric-start mode allows the pre-ignition cranking to be set anywhere from 1 to 4 engine revolutions (only available with current modules – earlier modules cannot be updated) Pre-programmed ignitions are custom tailored for a specific S&S engine – no need for adjustments. The stock main harness seems to have two 12 pin connectors and two six pin. Once connected, the software allows an S&S dealer to adjust rev. Fits: >. Now you have to address to the other side of the bike. AMM-P3 ignition The Desperados know about &92;&92;"air-flow&92;&92;" and therefore decide to employ a S&S Super-B carburetor, but you can also use a Mikuni HSR42, Keihin CV, Bendix, Super-E or -G, Edelbrock, SU (from Mr. After many tests I got better performance by changing the carburetor by a Mikuni 45 but the engine still not run smoth at low RPM,. Dual plug: use two DC2-1 coils wired in series (equals 3 ohms).

• DUAL FIRE INSTALLATION Single plug: use Dynatek DC6-1 or a coil with 2. Not shown on the above pic: fuel-filter and in-line fuel-valve. Not only that, but we have them all in-stock and ready to ship to you today. S&S Cycle V96 Super Stock Ignition Module.

Headlamp wiring plugs. S&S Cycle ignition coils and ignition kits are packed with various safety and performance features s&s super stock ignition module wiring that will improve the overall quality of your riding experience. Fits: > FOR 113" S&S EVO ENGINES. Fits: >B. Two Types of ignition systems have been used on Harley- Davidson® motorcycles, either dual fire, or single fire. Dennis Kirk has s&s super stock ignition module wiring been the leader in the powersports industry since 1969, so you can rest assured that we have your back when it comes to bringing you the best Ignition System for your Harley-Davidson.

S&S SUPER STOCK IGNITION MODULE. HI-6R Multi-Spark/CD Race Ignition. S&S Cycle V80 Super Stock Ignition Module. Start engine, and let it run until it stalls.

What is Super Stock ignition? You don&39;t need fuel-pump operation any more. WIRING DIAGRAM (Using two coils for dual plug engines) Figure A. S&S 124 Problems I have recently purchased a used Iron Horse "Texas Chopper" with a S&S Super Stock 124 motor,S&S Super Shorty G-Carb and has S&S 388 on bottom of carburator. limiter, view collected data and set the starting mode to kick start or electric.

All orders over receive Free shipping. Cut cable and isolate the wires that go to the EFI module. View Details. Use the supplied ring-termina. S&S Cycle IST ignition system consists of durable components for riders who want maximum coil output from their bikes. Remove the stock ignition module.

Using upgraded components, the HEAT HEI module produces high output for stock and MSD applications plus has a built-in rev limiter that is more accurate and easier to set with the engine running. XL with delphi FI for EZFI fuel controller Connects between your laptop or PC and the coil wire of the Super Stock Ignition system. 8 out of 5 stars 4 . Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership when you get a S&S Cycle Hi-4N Ignition Kit (part numberfrom J&P Cycles. Remove the outer and inner covers on the cam position sensor. Loosen and hang out throttle cables.

Free shipping. Use a sufficiently large fuel canister. All reference to Harley-Davidson® part numbers is for identification purposes s&s super stock ignition module wiring only. 1999 California Motorcycle Company Softail Custom, S&S 88, RB Racing pro stock 2-1 s&s super stock ignition module wiring exhaust. But on this one i was wanting to run the stock parts as much as possible. You may also use a Pingel hi.

4- The VOES must be. More S&s Super Stock Ignition Module Wiring images. What is S&S hi-4n ignition module? Locate crank-sensor cable (a red and black wire twisted together) and cut.

I bought this engine new form a S&S dealer but rever run so smoth like i wish. Locate fuel-pump fuse, take it out and put into spare-location. This cable carries high voltage during operation and must be connected to s&s super stock ignition module wiring frame ground, together with the supplied AMM-P3-ground-wire. Plus when I took the timing cover off there was goo oozing out of the factory module so it&39;s days are numbered. or Best Offer.

Make sure the plug on the module removed matches the plug on the COMPU-FIRE® module. The Desperados take a brief look at EDEC, the &92;&92;"Enemy of Decent Engine Control&92;&92;", then unplug all those fancy connectors. The AMM-P3 ignition will fire the engine using the stock s&s super stock ignition module wiring EFI-model-ignition-coil which is a hi-quality part. Remove seat and take off electric cover.

Hopefully, your ignition module is not shorted. Two-year warranty. 5 ohms resistance.

Pre-programmed ignitions are custom tailored for a specific S&S engine – no need for adjustments Single fire operation – requires a single fire coil for single spark plug applications Dual plugged applications require a pair of two tower coils or a single four tower coil Minimum 3. Motorcycle Specific. 0Ω primary resistance. S&S Cycle Super Stock Ignition Kit. The S&S Ignition System cannot be used in dual fire mode.

The S&S Super Stock ignition system protects the engine with a 3-step break-in rev-limiter during the first 24-hours of operation and logs engine data that can be viewed via a PC when equipped with diagnostic cable and software partIt is initially configured for electric start, however, it is kick-start capable. Cut off the &39;El Cheapo&39; plastic hose from the fitting, and put on a longer fuel hose in order to drain the tank. We offer replacement to high.

If you wanted to use the external "P" module, you can use the DD-HD1EP module along with our wiring harness kit, number 1109001, 7 pin harness to match the module. Make all following wire-operations with respect to the mounting location of the P3. What is S&S Cycle ignition? S&S Super Stock Ignition Module For Harley Shovelhead SHB. · S&S recommends using electronic ignition with adjustable advance curve in Super Stock® and Super Sidewinder Long Blocks. Before you start, print out and take a s&s super stock ignition module wiring look at:. We suggest this as if the ignition module harness connector is cut off to hard wire, the Dynatek warranty is voided. Disconnected the stock crank sensor and coiled it back out of the way and installed the new crank sensor and wiring.

6 1- The S&S® Super Stock® Ignition requires the use of a 3 OHM single-fire coil like the S&S coil PN May 09, · Does anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram for a Chopper DT w/ the S&S? The Desperados just put it under the seat. Unplug the stock ignition module and remove the two mounting bolts. First, find a place to put the AMM-P3. Ok, I&39;ve done Stage 1 sans ignition.

Don&39;t forget to isolate the solder joint afterwards. Do not use solid copper or non-resistor plug wires. TC) AndXL Models Samwel Ignition Condenser For Early StyleB. Quick View Super Stock. Altmann AMM-P3 Ignition Module With Softail Style Coil Mount ForTwin Cam,Sportster (With Carb or Carb Conversion) Models (ARM268209) 0. • Electric start mode allows the pre-ignition cranking to be set from 1 to 4 engine revolutions which are only available with current modules. Remove air filter cover, air filter and inner cover. Purchase the S&S Cycle Hi-4N Ignition Kit at J&P Cycles, your source for aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories, with free everyday tech support.

S&S HI-4N Ignition Module Only ForB. I have changed out the primary jet from a 74 to a 82 because the bike was running to lean. 83 Altmann Dual Fire Sensor Plate ForAll Big Twin (Excluding Twin Cam),XL, Buell XB,Flatheads Models (ARM454965).

AndXL (Carb Only) Models Samwel Ignition Points ForB. Removing the manifold is a lot easier if you first unscrew the throttle body from the manifold, but for doing so you need to have a loooong and thin T25 Torx screwdrive. HI-6DSR Multi-Spark/CD Race Ignition Module With Dual Stage Rev Limiter.

2- You should be starting from this point–an empty timing cavity. Hi, s&s super stock ignition module wiring I have an S&S 124 with S&S Super Stock ignition that work in single fire. super stock ign modules;B. I&39;ve got a &39;86 FXR wiring diagram and the bike came with a main harness but it differs from the diagram. On a previous bike i had, i put S&S super E carb, screamin eagle ignition module with no VOES. 3- S&S recommends Champion RN12YC (14mm) or Champion RA8HC (12mm) spark plugs gapped at” to”. S&S single fire ignition coils are available separately.

And 45 Cubic Inch Models (ARM272215) Dynatek i Single Fire/Plug Kit, 1 Coil ForB. The ignition offers capacitive discharge technology and will fire a series of multiple sparks that last for 20° of crankshaft rotation when the engine is running at lower rpm. S&S Cycle ignition systems feature data-logging diagnostics abilities, single-fire operations, and a choice between either kick-start or electric-start modes.

The Intelligent Spark Technology (IST) is also important to the bike as it helps prevent engine damages that may be caused by knocking or detonation. To use with a points style distributor, additional resistance is needed to get to 3. Add to Cart. Next question. Dual fire ignitions fire the spark plugs in both cylinders on every stroke, each time the pistons reach the tops of the cylinders.

S&S ® Super Stock ® Ignition Module For V80" 5. Pre-programmed ignitions are custom fitted with no needed adjustments! SKU. ignition module is usually located under the seat, under a side cover, or on the frame below the handle bars. Fuel pressure is now removed, and you can take off the fuel fitting. Watch; S&S Crane HI-4N Single Fire.

If your ignition was installed at S&S in a complete engine assembly, you should start at step 6. Note: There are two types of ignition module harness connector plugs used. · The Super Stock ignition module comes pre-programmed from S&S®for a specific engine size and style.

Just tapped into the stock ignition module tach output to the EHC with the new IST tach output. Can S&S ignition be used in dual fire mode? S&S Cycle ignition systems feature data-logging diagnostics abilities, single-fire operations, and a choice between either kick-start or electric-start modes. Over 70000 products from stock! First, you have to let go of any pressure in the fuel system. EFI bike to be upgraded 2.

This ensures combustion of the air/fuel mixture and produces great throttle response and smooth idle. Locate the cable coming from the ignition-coil (with 4 wires inside). · 1- The S&S® Super Stock® Ignition requires the use of a 3 OHM single-fire coil like the S&S coil PN 2- S&S recommends spiral core spark plug wires.

You cannot modify the ignition timing curve. · electronic ignition will accept the later model cup without modification. Orange Cycle Parts Ignition Sensor Assembly/Pickup for Harley FLT, FXST/FLST, FXRand XLReplacesA 3. Adjustable curve permits slowing rate of advance to control or eliminate pinging under heavy load or when elevated temperatures or poor quality gasoline are encountered. The EFI electronic module still ha. The only thing you still need is. Wish List Compare.

The CDI is. You need a EVOLUTION®-style manifold that matches your carburetor. We offer replacement to high performance parts for your Milwaukee Eight / M8, Twin Cam, Evolution, Shovel, Early Shovel, Panhead, Knucklehead, Sportster and yes, even OEM style bolt-on replacement parts for the antique 45" Flathead and KH side valve motorcycles. Now I&39;ve done Stage 2 with an EV-27 cam and have found that allegedly the stock ignition cuts the motor off at 6k or so.

The white-black wire is not cut but branched off (soldering) by a red power wire in order to reach to the AMM-P3. On this bike can i just change ignition module and run stock carb with vaccum line fittings capped off, or should i get an aftermarket carb too? S&S Super Stock ignition systems are available in complete ignition kits and as replacement modules.

Fits Motorcycle. The S&S IST Ignition Installation Kit for S&S 41⁄8" bore engines (S&SSee Picture 1, below left) is intended only for installation of S&S Intelligent Spark Technology (IST) Ignition Module (See Picture 2, below right). Keep in mind that the curves are preset for a specific S&S engine, s&s super stock ignition module wiring and that modules intended for one engine may not yield optimum results when used on another configuration.

· Yes, you will need a ballast resistor when using ACCEL Super Coil 140001 with a Accel Points Conversion Kit, PN&39;s ACC,, or Mallory Unilite or Magnetic Breakerless Ignition Distributor. The Street Fire Capacitve Discharge Ignition is perfect for performance enthusiasts with a tight budget. The grey-blue wire coming from the ignition coil was used as ION-sense by the EFI module. In order to speed-dr. Purchase the S&S Cycle Super Stock Ignition Module at J&P Cycles, your source for aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories, with free everyday tech support. Choose Favorites List. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% s&s super stock ignition module wiring off select brands with a Gold Club membership when you get a S&S Cycle Super Stock Ignition Module (part numberfrom J&P Cycles.

They also provide protection against overloads and short circuiting. I want to do it once and be done. This means you will be able to get more torque and horsepower from the bike.

See full list on amm. The main thing is it has 1 female 10 pin AMP connector, and one 6 pin female along with the socket for the starter relay. Daytona Twin Tec Ignition 1006. Your power-line is a white-black wire (a white wire with a thin black stripe, NOT a black wire with a thin white stripe! 99 Free Shipping ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 1. " My last stock pickup lasted thirty years, but I&39;ll snag a. Now its time to remove the complete EFI throttle body and manifold.

Make sure to do a perfect crimping job. Carburetor of your choice with matching EVO-style manifold and fuel hose 3. whatever carb. ) This wire carries kill-switched power, which means, s&s that you can stop the engine by pressing the kill-switch on the handlebar. The S&S Cycle Super Stock Ignition is the perfect solution for specific S&S engines.

S&s super stock ignition module wiring

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